Meryl Joy Brusser

Meryl Joy Brusser passed suddenly on Thursday January 18, 2018, Meryl was a mother to Rachel, Jesse, Luke, Corey, and Alanna; a grandmother to Abigail, Hannah, Jamie, Bryce, and Lincoln; a daughter to Herb and Florence; a sister to Leslie and Paul; an aunt to Molly. She was an entrepreneur, an old soul, a free spirit, and a child of the forest. She held a variety of jobs in her life, but none of those defined her. To know Meryl was to know a person who had a deeper understanding of the world than the rest of us—her inner light warmed all she knew.

Meryl cared deeply, loved fiercely, and believed in the power of forgiveness. She loved flowers and trees, and loved teaching others to respect nature (she always knew the names of all the plants). She loved cooking (especially for Thanksgiving) and could whip up a meal out of anything. She loved sitting outside and staring at the beauty of the world. She loved that warm feeling you get when you're surrounded by your loved ones (the feeling we all got from being with her). She loved warm things categorically–candles and tea, warm socks and cozy sweaters.

Meryl raised four children, and was helping to raise three more. She loved making up words and nicknames. She loved telling stories. She loved fairies and gnomes. She loved laughter and joy, and brought those to the people around her. Meryl was ahead of her time in countless ways, blazing trails not to say she did, but because it was who she was and she was always true to herself.

Meryl's spirituality was of great importance to her. She believed in energy—the energy all around us—and we know her energy will stay with us always.

Services for Meryl were help privately by the family.