What is the Role of the Executor?

An executor is the personal representative of your estate.  They are the person in charge of taking control of your assets, paying off any debts, and distributing assets to your beneficiaries per the terms and conditions of your will.  You can choose anyone to be the executor of your will, but it is a good idea to choose someone who is both competent and trustworthy.  The person you choose to be executor should be outlined in your will.  Someone you appoint to be the executor of your will has the right to refuse, so you should have a backup executor in place just in case. 

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Did you know...

Does my loved one need clean clothes including shoes and undergarments?

It is preferable that the clothes and undergarments be clean as this is more dignified for the deceased. Shoes are not required but complete the outfit.

The clothing you provide is based on what you would like your loved one to wear. The clothing they felt the most comfort in.

Do I need to buy a new suit for my dad as he lost a lot of weight?

If you choose to buy new clothing for your loved one, we can get sizes and measurements for you to get the proper fit.

In most cases the deceased had a favorite piece of clothing, and due to weight lose we can make small alterations to take it in to make the clothing fit better.

Will you clean his suit for me?

We can definitely make arrangements to have the garments dry-cleaned.